Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meet three of the Taiwan Pink Dolphins

Super Mom

Super Mom and calf, photo by J.Y. Wang: courtesy of FormosaCetus Research & Conservation Group.

Super Mom (TW-9), a mature female, was first photographed in June 2002 during the original survey in the waters off Changhua County. The calf in the photo is still thought to be with her as there often seems to be a larger grey calf hanging around her even though she is with a neonate this year. Travelling with two youngsters from the Dadu River (Taichung County) to Taisi (Yunlin County) within a day and then back to Dadu River within another couple of days makes her a real Super Mom.


Survivor: courtesy of FormosaCetus Research & Conservation Group.

Survivor (TW-15), was first photographed in late June of 2002 during the original surveys when the Taiwan population was discovered in June 2002. Survivor is almost certainly a mature animal. It was photographed around the estuaries of the Dajia and Daan rivers. This animal had suffered horrific injuries at some point presumably due to being mangled in a fisheries related incident. Survivor's scars really testify to the desperate plight of the Taiwan humpback dolphins. Survivor wasn't seen again after the 2002 photograph and researchers feared the worst. Happily, Survivor was spotted again a few weeks ago in the same area during the 2007 surveys.

Survivor, photo by S.K. Hung: courtesy of FormosaCetus Research & Conservation Group.


Blotchy: courtesy of FormosaCetus Research & Conservation Group.

Blotchy (TW-28) would be a juvenile to sub-adult individual. It was first identified in early April 2003 around the Dadu River estuary area as a more grey coloured animal. It has been seen again in 2004 and 2007.

Blotchy (Left, the animal on the right is most likely TW-26), photo courtesy of M. Wilkie, Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association.

Our thanks to FormosaCetus Research & Conservation Group for supplying us with the above information.

Update: Blotchy (TW-28) 2009 photo.

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