Wednesday, November 14, 2007

146 wind turbines in dolphin waters

The inshore waters around Changbin Industrial Park, near Lukang, Changhua County is known humpback dolphin habitat. It is arguably the best site for land based observation and forms critically important habitat for the species. 244 wind turbines are to be erected in the area (23 have already been erected). Of those, 146 will be erected in the shallow inshore waters that are frequented by the dolphins. What effect will the noise from this "green energy" project have on the species? With less than a hundred of these unique dolphins left, will this push them over the edge beyond the point of no return? Isn't green energy about saving our planet? Knowingly creating noise that harms and destroying the habitat of a unique marine mammal species that in all likelihood will result in its extinction doesn't quite fit the green profile, does it?

See Changhua builds turbines in today's Taipei Times.

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NTCAHD said...

What strikes one about this enormous wind farm development is that there is no need for more electricity UNLESS it's for industry and industrial development on the west coast is a already a huge issue. It's the circularity of everything that's a mess. No new industrial area will be established unless there is water and electicity. No water or electricity generation is needed unless there will be new industry. Yet, no one is waiting for confirmation that this industry will/can be built in western Taiwan. Industry and the responsible development authorities are trying to go full speed to have the infrastructure to generate more power in a gamble that everything will be approved. It's nuts. And then if things aren't approved for whatever reason, you end up with a run-down, poorly maintained area like Changbin Ind. Park that is barely used and has already caused incredible damage. It is also partially abandoned and now they want to destroy more coastal waters but in Yunlin this time.

Green is not green if it destroys wildlife habitat. Green is cutting down on energy wastage and increasing the efficiency of industry. It all comes down to the willingness to spend money which will cut into the bottom line.