Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NGOs visit the Hushan Dam site

Hushan, as it appears now. March 3, 2008 NGO visit.

One of the five major threats to the Taiwan humpback dolphins is the reduction of the flow of freshwater into their estuarine habitat. The Hushan Dam will reduce the flow of freshwater into the Jhoushui River Estuary. The controversial Hushan Dam Project will provide water to further develop heavy industry within the humpback dolphin's remaining habitat.

On Monday 3rd March 2008, after months of being denied access to the site, several NGOs visited the Hushan Dam site. Amongst the group were the following Matsu's Fish Conservation Union members: Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU), Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan Academy of Ecology, and Wild Bird Society of Yunlin.

See Stop Hushan Dam blog for the story.

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