Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pictures from Mailiao

Developers have denied that Taiwan humpback dolphins inhabit the waters around the Formosa Plastics Group in Mailiao. Evidence clearly shows that these critically endangered dolphins do. Despite official IUCN listing as a critically endangered population and its status as a protected species under Taiwan law, development within what little remains of the humpback dolphins' habitat continues unchecked. The following are recent photographs of reclamation work at Mailiao. This is the area where the video footage was shot and where the photo on the cover of the Second Workshop Report was taken.

Reclamation work extending out towards the coastguard tower clearly visible in the video.

Fishing just off the reclamation area.

An endless stream of trucks dump boulders into the water.

Reclamation work right where the dolphin photo was taken

Reclamation work going on at another site across the river mouth clearly visible from the FPG site.

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