Thursday, June 10, 2010

Urban Nomad Film Fest: Free! Outdoors! Taichung!


Saturday (6/12) 6:30pm at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Art

FEATURE FILM: Sharkwater(14 Film Festival Awards)
SHORT FILM: Taiwan's Critically Endanged Pink Dolphins
OUTDOOR CONCERT: The Farmer's Youth Militia (activist-folk)

EVENT DESCRIPTION: We're starting off with folk music at 6:30pm. The Farmer's Youth Militia (well, that's one possible translation of 農村武裝青年) is a central Taiwan folk ensemble of guitar, cello and other players that uses their music to bring attention to a variety of issues in Taiwan, including the plight of the Taiwan pink dolphins, a critically endangered unique population of pink dolphins with fewer than 100 animals remaining off Taiwan's West coast. These dolphins are also the subject of the first short film, "Taiwan's Critically Endangered Pink Dolphins" (they really are pink!), and conservationist and legislative aide Chen Bin-heng will also give a short talk on current activist projects. Urban Nomad director David Frazier will also be there to introduce the feature, Sharkwater, a film by Canadian free-diver Rob Stewart that's won multiple awards in Europe & North America and will not only entertain you, it will give you the low down on how the Taiwanese mafia is running the international illegal trade in sharks fins.

Time: 6/12 18:30 ~ 21:30
Place: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, #2 Wuquan St, Taichung

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*In the event of rain, screenings and performances will take place in the museum's Lecture Hall. Hope to see you there!

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