Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Jogging For Taiwan’s Pink Dolphins and Wetlands

To help create awareness of the plight of Taiwan’s critically endangered Pink Dolphins and the need to protect our coastal wetlands we invite you to take a jog for our dolphins with us along the west coast.

Date: September 18, 2011
Time: 6am-12:30pm
Location: Fangyuan Bai-ma Pu-tian Temple, (No. 100 161 Ave., Fan-han Rd, Fangyuan Township, Changhua County)

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- Your cloth race number is also your raffle number. Prizes will be given only with the presence of your cloth race number.

First three in each group will receive prizes and pins. We plan to start the prize ceremony at 9:30 (Participants must be present).
The eldest and youngest participants will also receive prizes.

Only for the 10.3km run. Please indicate that you would like a certificate on registration. We are unfortunately unable to provide ranking and race times due to limited staff.

Registration and Fees:
Please note there is no on-site registration. Please sign up online before Friday, August 19, or fax your registration form to 04-7769516 or email it to
This event uses ATM transfer for payment. Please sign in online after payment to complete the registration process.

Code 700
Account Name: Chuanghua County Environmental Protection Union/彰化縣環境保護聯盟
Account Number: 0081038-0396277
After finishing registration, you will receive confirmation from the hosting organization.
Once registration is completed, no refunds will be given.


In person
Bring ID card to the union’s office between 9/13 and 9/16 (Tuesday to Friday) 9:00-17:00

By mail
If unable to check-in with the above method, please check in by mail (indicate during registration). The mailing cost is 55NT/form if under 10 people. 10 people or more requires payment at delivery (limited to within Taiwan)

Transport Services:Transportation Services on the Day (must indicate during registration)
On the day of the event, a bus will depart from opposite the Changhua Train Station at 5am to Pu-tian Temple. At 12:30, the bus will depart from Pu-tian Temple to Changhua Train Station. The trip takes 1.5 hour one way. Round trip costs 100NT.
If traveling by car please park in Pu-tian Temple’s parking lot.

Accommodation (must indicate during registration):
Participants who arrive on 9/17 at night can reserve rooms at Pu–tian Temple. 100NT per person. (Please arrive before 8pm on 9/17)

Other Activities and attractions:Hai Bin Market
Fresh oyster roasting
Local fishery
Le Huo NGO market
Cell Phone radiation test
Emergency rescue rehearsal
Oyster collecting
Oyster collecting car ride
Wetland organisms photo exhibition
Tidal flats ecology tour (sign up on site, limited space)

Contact Information: Environmental Protection Union, Chunghua.
Address: No. 354 Zhongshan Rd. Lugang Township, Chuanghua County, 505
Telephone: 04-7764467
Fax: 04-7769516

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