Sunday, October 11, 2009

SAVE THE CHANGHUA COAST: We need 1000 people to help make a statement that we care about the environment

The Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance need 1000 people to help make a statement that we care about the environment. On Sunday, October 25, 2009 people will be coming together to show that they want to Save the Changhua Coast. Please join us and show that we care about the Changhua Coast.


Time: Oct. 25 (Sun) 9:30am-8pm
Place: Fangyuan Township, County Route 17, turn west at km marker 55 (芳苑鄉 省道17 號55 公里處轉向西)
Transportation: Free bus service to and from Changhua Train Station is available. A bus will leave the station at 8:30am sharp. The return bus leaves from the coast at 5pm.

ACTIVITY: We are inviting you to help SAVE THE CHANGHUA COAST. In an effort to raise awareness that we as a society must preserve this area, environmental groups are joining forces for a day of activities on Sunday, October 25. The main event is a group action and photo shoot, for which we need 1000 people from 10:30-11:30am. Some will hold white umbrellas and form the shape of a dolphin, while others will hold red umbrellas to spell out “S.O.S.” In addition, there will be a full day of musical performances, storytelling, ecological tours of the area, oxcart rides, films and other entertainments. Both lunch and dinner will be provided, including vegetarian meals.

BACKGROUND: The Changhua Coast has Taiwan’s largest area of mud flats, which present a valuable ecosystem home to plants and animals both on land and in the ocean. The waters off Changhua County are notably a valuable habitat for a critically endangered population of humpback dolphins, who tend to live in shallow waters within 8km of the shoreline. The dolphins and the rest of this coastal ecosystem are threatened by pollution from the China Petroleum Corp.’s (CPC) naphtha cracker plant and a development plan for a large industrial zone called the Central Taiwan Science Park.

Changhua County Tourism Bureau refused to support this event because it involved criticism of China Petroleum Corporation and the development plans for a sprawling industrial zone to be called the Central Taiwan Science Park. In this regard, we can only ask, is this a government concerned for the majority of Taiwan’s citizens, or only for a minority which controls large business interests?

Register to participate:
Email: or
Phone: Ms. Shi 0911-761-839 or Mr. Liao 0919-524-911

General Contact Information:
Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance
Tel: 04-7626609
Address: 4F #5 Minzu Rd., Lane 15, Changhua City 500
Email: or
Web Site:


Photo showing the 1300 people at the event. Photo from the Chinese language Taiwan Humpback Dolphin Blog.

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