Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Friday for Erlin - The EPA once again strikes a blow against the environment

It shouldn't surprise us. We knew what was coming. After the so-called Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) barred local residents and environmental groups from the previous hearing because of alleged misbehaviour shouldn't we have known what was coming? Shouldn't we have known that yesterday, like it always does, that the EPA would once again deal a devastating blow to Taiwan's environment? And, yes, that's exactly what they did. The CTSP Erlin Science Park has been given the green light. Despite opposition from local residents, mostly farmers and fishers who fear pollution will destroy their livelihoods and way of life. Despite the fate of the critically endangered Taiwan Humpback Dolphins hanging in the balance. Despite the devastating impact this will have on the natural environment, the EPA has once again come out in favour of short-term unsustainable heavy industry.

See today's Taipei Times for the story.

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