Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EPA responds to local fisherman's Erlin criticisms

Today's Taipei Times has an article titled EPA responds to local fisherman's Erlin criticisms. The Environmental Protection Administration claims it is trying to address fears that pollution from the Erlin Science Park will contaminate farmers fields and destroy the livelihood of local fishers. While the EPA cites all sorts of reasons why they allowed the project to go ahead, one can't help wondering if they are confusing the role of environmental protection with that of the development administrations. According to the article, the EPA said that it was "currently undertaking studies to determine if waste water could be reused by nearby industry or released in a manner that minimized the impact on nearby fishermen." If the solutions to these issues are still unknown, then how can the EPA honestly justify their decision to give Erlin the green light. This just another very sad example of Taiwan's EPA being nothing but a rubber stamp administration.

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