Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photos: 11/13 Say No to Kuokuang Petrochemical! March

Thousands braved the rain on Saturday afternoon to send a firm message to the authorities that Kuokuang and other such petrochemical projects should be done away with. Despite dubious legality even to the point of ignoring Supreme Court orders, the Central Taiwan Science Park expansion projects are being forced into reality by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) that seems to confuse its function of environmental protection with that of economic development and by Premier Wu Den-yih who seems to behave more like a petrochemical executive these days than the nation's premier.

The planned Kuokuang Petrochemical Project will lay waste to the Dacheng mudflats and wetlands which are of huge importance to the continued survival of Taiwan's west coast ecosystems and have also been listed internationally as an Important Bird Area because of their importance as a wintering ground for several threatened bird species. Local fishers and communities that depend on the wetlands and mudflats for their survival will have their way of life destroyed. Dacheng is also vital remaining habitat for the critically endangered Taiwan pink dolphins and the view of the majority of international cetacean experts is that if the project goes ahead the negative impact on the dolphins will almost certainly be the nail in the coffin that drives these unique animals to extinction.

What follows are some photos of Saturday's march against the Kuokuang Project and Taiwan's petrochemical industry. Photos courtesy of Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA), MFCU and Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association.

Protesters urge reverse in petrochemical policy in the Taipei Times.

November 13, march:- Say No to Kuokuang Petrochemical! Protect our wetlands on the Chunghua coast!

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