Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photos:- 2010 TEIA Ecological Fair and Dolphin Music Festival

On Saturday 6th November 2010 the Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) Environmental Trust held its 2010 Ecological Fair and Dolphin Music Festival in Fangyuan Township, Changhua County. The purpose of the festival was to promote the purchase of surrounding land to preserve the natural environment and to raise awareness of the threats to the local communities in Fangyuan and Dacheng and the surrounding natural environment from the expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park. Much of the surrounding area will be destroyed if the planned Kuokuang Petrochemical project goes ahead. The project will destroy the traditional way of life of many local farmers, fishers and oyster farmers. Pollution is of serious concern to the locals and natural environment alike. Reclamation of much of the Dacheng wetlands, an internationally listed Important Bird Area (IBA) will devastate the vitally important mudflats that are critical to preserving what remains of western Taiwan's natural environment on the over-developed west coast. This area is critically important habitat for Taiwan's critically endangered pink dolphins and its loss would more than likely drive the struggling Taiwan pink dolphins to extinction.

Various NGOs and concerned groups set up information booths to advise visitors on issues of concern.

Local produce was available for visitors to sample. Visitors queued for the well-known local oyster pancakes.

TEIA's Dr John Tsai, an expert on the globally threatened Eurasian Curlew, speaks to visitors about the Kuokuang Petrochemical issue.

Various local artists brought their message to the visitors through music and song.

Views of the critically important mudflats that will largely disappear if the Kuokuang Petrochemical project goes ahead. The mudflats are an internationally listed important bird area and are wintering grounds for endangered species such as the Eurasian Curlew and Saunders's Gull and vitally important habitat to the resident critically endangered Taiwan pink dolphins.

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