Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent articles on the Kuokuang Petrochemical Project appearing in the Taipei Times

The following is a list of articles on the Kuokuang Petrochemical Project that have appeared in the Taipei Times during the past week. The planned Kuokuang Petrochemical Project will have a extremely negative impact on Taiwan's central-west coast; vital habitat for the critically endangered Taiwan pink dolphins and host of other wildlife. The project will also destroy the livelihoods of many of the fishing and farming communities in the area.

Cracker may be built overseas 2011-01-25
"The Minister of Economic Affairs said a naphtha cracking project would not proceed unless it passed an environmental impact assessment review" Sounds very noble. But with a rubber-stamp-body legacy; would the EPA go against the wishes of the government and actually put a stop to the project?

Environmentalists urge protection for Changhua wetland 2011-01-26
See New hope ! High School Protest.

Protesters rally against KKPTC plan 2011-01-27
Hundreds of people — mainly university students — staged a rally outside the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to protest the Kuokuang Petrochemical Park.

Re-evaluate Kuokuang’s Changhua County plan 2011-01-28
Former EPA Minister Winston Dang speaks out against Kuokuang. I'm sure those against the Kuokuang Project appreciate his speaking out in opposition to the project but is this not just Dang promoting himself? He seems to have forgotten that his EPA wasn't any better. Remember Hushan? A case of the pot calling the kettle black? Both the former and present EPA ministers have failed in safeguarding the environment terribly.

Panel tells Kuokuang to review project 2011-01-28
TEMPORARY REPRIEVE:Opponents of the proposed petrochemical project said the ruling fell short of their expectations.

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