Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taiwan Pink Dolphins make it onto the BBC

Taiwan pink dolphin: Photo courtesy of FormosaCetus Research and Conservation Group.

On February 1st the Taiwan pink dolphins* featured on the BBC News in an article titled Taiwan endangered species focus of new awareness. The article also has links to the following organisations: MFCU, EAST, Greenpeace and the COA. This international exposure of threatened species and environmental issues in Taiwan is good and a big thank you to Cindy Sui and the BBC News for it. Just a point to note. The caption for the dolphin photo states, "The population of Taiwanese white dolphins has plunged because of factory pollution." Factory pollution is one of five major threats to the dolphins. The IUCN lists the five major threats to the Taiwan pink dolphins as:
- by-catch in fishing gear;
- reclamation of estuarine and coastal regions for industrial purposes;
- diversion and extraction of freshwater from major river systems of western Taiwan;
- release of industrial, agricultural and municipal effluent into rivers and coastal waters;
- noise and disturbance associated with construction, shipping and military activities.

*The BBC refers to the Taiwan pink dolphins by their alternate common name; Taiwan white dolphins)

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