Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Symposium on Climate Change, Industrial Policy and Risk Regulation

Symposium on Climate Change, Industrial Policy and Risk Regulation

The Chinese Association of Low Carbon Environment
Technological Policy and Risk Governance Center, NTU
Taiwan Economic Association
Public Economic Research Center, NTU

Date: March, 5, 2011 (Sat.) 13:10-18:00

Venue: Room 1119, College of Law, National Taiwan University

1. Online Registration until full
2. On site Registration (at venue)

The Purpose for this Symposium:
Recently, people from all sectors in Taiwan are debating on the issues about the direction of national policy for major industrial development, climate change, health risk and social economical assessment. Colleagues in academics also pay high attention on this issue, so we want to stand on the academic positions to conduct an objective and substantial discussion. Hope it will provide government a rightful reference for the direction of administration, hence we held this symposium.

On one hand the academics notice the serious deviation between the policies of sustainable development and industry; on the other hand, they have great concern with whether the issues in public health, economic, food and land resource could be fully clarified. Many colleagues express that the importance of responsibility for academics is to correct the foresight of national development and to use the scientific objective and truth to design the development of industrial policy.

Therefore, this symposium will uphold the direction of sustainable energy guideline因and energy conservation action plan and probe into the related climate change, industrial policy and risk regulation. The target of this symposium is to offer the government and the society a thinking standpoint by cohere the common sense on balanced development and maintenance of total control to energy intensive industry.

Notice:For a better environment, we recommend that our guests preparing tableware and cups by yourselves.

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