Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taiwan needs a real energy policy

The Dacheng wetlands in Changhua; the Kuokuang petrochemical project plans to reclaim these internationally listed wetlands that are home to the critically endangered Taiwan pink dolphins and a host of other threatened species to build petrochemical factories that will be supplied by coal-fired power plants.

Today's Taipei Times editorial titled "Taiwan needs a real energy policy" brings home just how shortsighted the Ma regime is when it comes to planning the way forward with regards to the nation's energy policy. Clearly, Ma and his government see coal as the way forward in order to supply the power needs of the petrochemical, steel and other high-energy consumption industries which they favour. While Ma pays lip service to the need to cut the nation's carbon emissions the actions of his government in promoting projects like the controversial KuoKuang Petrochemical Project clearly show that they have no intention of doing so.

See Taiwan needs a real energy policy in today's Taipei Times.

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Dyllos said...

Taiwan should make extensive use of the abundant geo-thermal resource the island is sitting on....? No need for more nuclear or coal power plants and their carbon emissions..