Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candidates - No fallout from Formosa fire in Sinbei elections

Both the KMT and DPP candidates in the Taipei County elections denied that the government's handling of the pollution from the Formosa fire in Yunlin County would sway the more than half a million Taipei County voters from the largely agricultural county.

Ma's KMT Government has come under mounting pressure in recent weeks for its pro petrochemical industry policies in the wake of land seizures to clear the way for industrial expansion and pollution problems after two fires at the Formosa Plastics Plant in Mailiao, Yunlin County.

The opposition DPP has been quick to criticize the petrochemical industry following the second Formosa fire in a month. However, we remember well that when the DPP were in power they too chose to snuggle up to the petrochemical giants and do their bidding. With both camps in the Taipei County race having had ties to the petrochemical industry is their denial that the Formosa fire would sway voters more of a statement to say "let's not go there?"

See Tsai, Chu don't see fallout from Yunlin fire in the Taipei Times.