Monday, August 30, 2010

A few photos- Chung Yuan Festival: The Ghosts Approach the President’s Office

Protesters staged a protest outside the Presidential Office in the form of a Pudu ceremony.

Last Tuesday we posted a press briefing for a protest outside the Presidential Office. The protest was in the spirit of ghost month, which falls now during the seventh month of the lunar year. Protesters performed a Pudu ceremony outside the Presidential Office. The Pudu ceremony or ritual is one of the most important ceremonies of the Ghost Festival or Ghost Month as it is often called. During the event, people make offerings to the ghosts and spirits from the underworld during their month-long stay in the realm of the living.

Protesters said that seeing that the Presidential Office is unable to deal with some of the ghostly agitators in office they had invited NIAN Hsi-chieh, as the “Environmental Grand Taoist Master”, to offer up incantations for this year of the “wooden tiger” to show our utter disgust and disappointment with this sorry excuse for a government.

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