Friday, August 13, 2010

EPA and NSC appeal High Administrative Court order

Last Thursday, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said it would abide by the High Administrative Court's order to halt all expansion activities on the Phase 3 Zone Development of the Central Taiwan Science Park but on Monday, they along with the National Science Council, filed several appeals against the Taipei High Administrative Court's ruling on the third and fourth phase expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park.

To be fair, the EPA and NSC are within reason entitled to a bit of leeway in their interpretation of what 'abide' means but it would appear that their interpretation seems to go way beyond the usual understanding of what the word is said to mean in your handy pocket dictionary.

It therefore came as no surprise that this past week the EPA and NSC have done everything in their power to get around, over and under the Taipei High Administrative Court's ruling while Premier Wu Den-yih strongly voiced his encouragement for the EPA and NSC to ignore the courts.

Exactly what the situation on the ground is at present seems a little sketchy. It appears that the NSC has halted or at least has said it will halt work on infrastructure at the Erlin and Houli sites but they would allow companies that had already begun production or were building to continue. It would seem that the 'powers that be' are once again employing their usual tactic of forging ahead regardless so that by the time the legality of the matter is ruled upon the outcome of the project is a fait accompli.

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