Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wu going soft on Formosa?

Sunday's fire at FPG affiliate, Nan Ya Plastics Corp's Chiayi Second Plant in Taibao City in Chiayi County.

One would be forgiven for confusing the Taiwan Premier with an executive of the petrochemical industry. Premier Wu Den-yih seems to place the needs of the nation at a far lower priority than that of the petrochemical industry. In today's Taipei Times we are told that yesterday Premier Wu "urged Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) to tighten its internal controls after Sunday’s fire at Nan Ya Plastics Corp’s Second Plant in Taibao City, Chiayi County." He went on to say "he hoped the company would take [Sunday’s] fire seriously."

Premier Wu Den-yih. These days he seems to behave more like a petrochemical executive than the nation's premier: photo Wikimedia commons.

What's all this use of "urged" and "hoped"? Is fire safety voluntary in Taiwan's petrochemical industry? Wu, you're the nation's premier! How about something along the lines of "three fires since July is unacceptable! It is nothing short of disgraceful and and can only be seen as the result of a culture of grossly negligent management combined with substandard safety policies that puts profits above all else." After three fires surely members of FPG's top management need to be charged criminally?

For more on what our dear Premier Wu had to say see Wu urges FPG to tighten controls in today's Taipei Times.
For more comment see the editorial: Creating a culture of safety.

Another photo of Sunday's fire at FPG affiliate, Nan Ya Plastics Corp's Chiayi Second Plant in Taibao City in Chiayi County.

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