Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another disappointing reply from the Council of Agriculture

Here's the reply from the Taiwan Government's Council of Agriculture in response to our Letter of Response to the Council of Agriculture’s Letter. Our comments will follow as soon as we've had a chance to discuss the letter. In the mean time we would be very interested in hearing your views on the letter. Post a comment or send us an e-mail ( with your views.


The Council of Agriculture (COA) shares your concern about Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. The small population of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin along the west coast of Taiwan was found in 2002 and we understand that this is an important discovery. In 2004, relevant agency of COA has supported "The First Workshop on Conservation of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa Chinesis, in the Waters of Taiwan."

In 2005, the COA relevant agency has requested the Environmental Protection Agency to include Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin as a factor into Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) for future development projects.

Recognizing that further study will be needed to determine the status of this species, the relevant agency of COA has commissioned scholar to conduct population survey and monitoring program of this species for three years now.

The Council of Agriculture appreciates your effort to bring this issue to the attention of relevant governmental agencies in Taiwan.


Council of Agriculture"

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