Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dolphins Critically Endangered - Media coverage

Yesterday's announcement by the Eastern Taiwan Strait Sousa Technical Advisory Working Group (ETSSTAWG) that the Taiwan humpback dolphins had been placed on the IUCN's Red Data List as Critically Endangered (CR) and "will likely be driven to extinction if effective conservation measures are not taken quickly" was covered by all three of Taiwan's English newspapers today (It appeared in all the leading Chinese-language newspapers):

Taipei Times, Groups call for action to save endangered dolphins ,
China Post, Protection sought for endangered dolphin and,
Taiwan News, Environmentalists seek to save endangered indigenous dolphins.

All three newspaper articles contain misquotes and several errors but they give one an idea of what is being said in the media. We will be addressing the errors in the articles sometime soon. We refer readers to the ETSSTAWG press release for correct and accurate information on the announcement.

The announcement made news in South Africa and Reuters also ran it. The story has appeared in articles from the USA to Dubai.

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